The Local Agents Testimonials

After having spent several months guiding us through the process of building our dream home, it was a no-brainer to ask Paul to also help us with the sale of our previous home.

From the beginning he wasted no time getting the ball rolling, meeting us there, letting us know what needed to be done (maintenance, updates, etc.) and what did not in order to sell asap. In no time we had our first offer, which quickly turned into an agreement and ultimately a closing. Paul's experience was clearly evident as he took charge from the beginning, keeping us informed (actually educating us) of all of our options, with recommendations, at each step along the way. Much praise goes to Paul's flexibility and efficiency! My wife and I both have rigid schedules at times, however, it was very clear that Paul kept the momentum moving swiftly while she and I went about our normal business, as we did not need to meet often. As a result of both of our experiences (building and selling) with Paul, we are without a doubt two of his biggest fans (and advertisers, ha!). Anytime anyone tells us they are thinking of buying or selling, we will always strongly encourage them to contact Paul!

Bill Coleman

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